Shoulder Love Package


A package of 8 yoga classes designed to bring both stability and release to the whole shoulder girdle.

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Product Description

Enjoy 8 Yoga classes designed to bring both stability and release to the whole shoulder girdle. The class descriptions are below.

Once we receive your order, we will send you a link where you can download these classes to keep for good or we can send you a USB.

Title  Description  Style 
Shoulder TLC  In this class, enjoy some TLC for the shoulders with some massage, releasing, opening and a wee-bit of strengthening.   Gentle Yoga 
Release the Weight of the World  Let’s work on opening and softening the shoulders and enjoy an ease in the upper body, allowing the weight of the world to roll off the shoulders like water off a ducks back!  Gentle Hatha 
Upper Back Love  This class works towards freeing the upper back (thoracic spine) and the shoulders to provide us with a correct alignment for good posture, healthy breathing and an uplifting mood.  Gentle Hatha 
Superman Shoulders  This class is all about strengthening the shoulders and upper back. We do this through mobilization sequences which bring a combination of strength and flexibility, as well as use the block and belt to aid the alignment and power of the upper body. We even try handstand preparation which is a great way to use our own body weight to build strength.  General Hatha 
Shoulder Spiraling  Ginny explains the most efficient and effective way to raise the arms so that the whole shoulder girdle is mobilized and strengthened. We practice more poses to release the shoulders and allow for an ease of movement in this intricate and elegant structure.   General Hatha 
Rising and Falling   A beautiful Buddhist meditation is Anapanna Sati, aka “Rising and Falling”. This is the technique of watching the sternum (breastbone) rise and fall with each breath – it is simple, but not necessarily easy. To aid us in this meditation, we use asana which brings awareness and space to the front of the chest and shoulders, and then we practice this meditation at the end of class.  General Hatha 
Super Supple Shoulders   The shoulder girdle is a highly mobile and elegant structure made up of the collarbones, shoulder blades and humerus (upper arm bones). Ideally, the shoulders should slide and glide and feel both open and strong. In this class we’ll focus just on releasing tension in the shoulders and opening this region for ease of movement and freedom of breath.  General Hatha 
Side Plank (Vasisthasana)  Ready to build up some upper body strength? Join in as we flow through a variety of Side Planks (Vasisthasana) and then finish with a delicious release for the shoulders.  Experienced Hatha 


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