Happy Hips Package


A package of 8 yoga classes designed to bring both stability and release to the whole circumference of the hip region.

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Product Description

Enjoy 8 Yoga classes designed to bring both stability and release to the whole circumference of the hip region. The class descriptions are below.

Once we receive your order, we will send you a link where you can download these classes to keep for good.

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Liberate Your Hips Opening the hips involves moving through 5 different regions – hip flexors, inner thighs, hamstrings, buttocks and thighs. It also requires a sliding and gliding through every space and fibre inbetween. In this class we focus on opening and releasing tension in the hips and finish by floating away on a river of healing love. Gentle Hatha
Wholesome Hips Take a journey around the circumference of the hips to open and strengthen this region. Gentle Hatha
Hip Stability – Part 1 (General) Based on techniques from Donna Farhi, this class encourages a subtle strength around the hips and the core, providing stability and steadfastness in all we do. General Hatha
Hip Stability – Part 2 (General) Using the tips from Part 1, we keep the hips steady and well aligned as we move towards a standing balance – Padangusthasana. General Hatha
Happy Healthy Hips Happy healthy hips need to be both strong and mobile so in this class we explore the 5 regions of the hips and learn where you might be tight or weak, and then work towards opening and stabilizing the hips. General Hatha
Open Hips for Meditation We explore the range of movement of the hips and open this region so that we can then sit for a beautiful Maha Sati meditation. General Hatha
Tortoise Pose (Kurmasana) Kurmasana is a deep seated forward bend which requires open hips and spine. This pose represents the tortoise, whereby we turn our awareness inwards, away from the sensory overload of the outer world and in towards the light, consciousness and bliss inside. We start slow and steady like the tortoise to finally withdraw into our shells and look within. General Hatha
From Hamstrings to Headstand We start with a sequence to open the hamstrings and hips and finish with a variety of headstands at the wall. Enjoy. Experienced Hatha



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