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Excellent health is more than the absence of disease. It is the combination of a vital body, healthy breathing and a quiet mind. Using a variety of techniques including Counselling, Kinesiology, Breath Work, Yoga Therapies we work together to bring the mind, body, energy and breath to harmony. Pinpointing imbalances and negative tendencies in the mind and energy is the first step to returning to health and happiness. The next step is to implement ongoing techniques and strategies to treat the disease, prevent re-occurrence and to enhance life in general.

We can help with with the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue
  • Anxious
  • Recurring Illness
  • Restless and Negative Mind
  • Lacking Direction & Motivation
  • Low & Restless Energy

Intial Consult

$108 for 90 minutes



The Dive Deep Program

Enjoying life is a combination of a healthy body, wholesome breathing, peaceful and abundant energy, and a clear controlled mind.

Dive Deep

90 Day Program

Stuck in a rut? Tried everything you can think of? Dive Deep is a program designed for individuals who really, really desire change. People who are ready and willing to overcome deep seated unhelpful behaviours and reveal their authentic self.

Dive Deep is a method containing two main elements. The first element is the cultivation and application of helpful thoughts and behaviours, and the second element is the removal of unhelpful thoughts and behaviours. A combination of the introduction and ongoing practice of helpful behaviours and an unyielding will to remove unhelpful behaviours returns us to peace and power.

Core Challenges

Each of us are born with a number of core challenges to overcome. Identifying and removing these core challenges is the work of our life. Once our core challenges have been identified the process of weakening, and then removing them begins. A twofold strategy is employed in the elimination process. First and foremost we introduce new practices, language, behaviours and thoughts that are authentic to the individual and cultivate beneficial patterns. Secondly we decrease the energy in our core challenges by non-engagement, physically, mentally and energetically.

Lasting Change

Lasting change is rare and more precious than gold. Witnessing someone who has implemented a new way of living and maintained it is astonishing. Many of us have been able to overthrow our unhelpful thoughts, words and actions for a period, but to fully eliminate an engrained behaviour takes daily discipline, unceasing consistency and wholeheartedness. Dive Deep is a 90 day program which uses Counselling, Kinesiology, Yoga Therapy, breathing practices, and ancient techniques to re-establish your peace and power.

Dive Deep consists of:

Face to Face sessions

Seven face to face sessions are at the heart of the program. In these sessions together we will uncover the origins of your core challenges and build a specifically designed program to weaken and remove the obstacles to a joyous and compassionate life. The sessions are planned over the 90 day period in which we adjust and tailor the program to correspond with the inner expansion. Three sessions are scheduled in the first 30 days, and then two for the second and third 30 day period of the program. This structure inspires the participant to engross themselves in the program and experience the harvest of sustained right thinking, speaking and acting.


Weekly email and phone contact is a key part of the program. Having both encouragement and guidance helps overcome temporary obstacles and keeps us on track.


Sometimes having made a commitment to ourselves and another can be the stimulus to help us follow through. Weekly spiritual training charts(Practice Diary) keep us inspired and committed. Practice charts allow for reflection and illumination for the client and Myself to communicate.

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Dive Deep 90 Day Program $1050.00