Healthy Spine Package


A package of 7 yoga classes designed to bring health back to your back.

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Product Description

Enjoy 7 Yoga classes designed to bring health back to your back. The class descriptions are below.

Once we receive your order, we will send you a link where you can download these classes to keep for good.

Title Description Style
Mid-body Awareness and Release This class focuses on the region of the hip flexors (Psoas), Lower Spine and the muscles of the side lower back (Quadratus Lumborum). We work towards finding ease and release in this region along with just a smidge of strength. Gentle Hatha
Upper Back Love This class works towards freeing the upper back (thoracic spine) and the shoulders to provide us with a correct alignment for good posture, healthy breathing and an uplifting mood. Gentle Hatha
Perfect Posture Ideal posture is the most mechanically efficient posture in any given activity. In this class we work towards opening the thoracic spine and strengthening the upper back and neck using a belt as a “yogic back pack”, to remind our back what good alignment feels like. Gentle Yoga
Spine Mobility The spine is both a stable and flexible structure which can move in many different ways, such a rotation, flexion, extension and lateral side bending. It is also important to understand your neutral spine and when you are moving from neutral to other positions. In this class, you move your spine in all possible directions, always returning to the elegant neutral position. Gentle Hatha
Neck Release and Alignment An animal survival instinct is to protect the neck when being threatened, and even humans have a tendency to tighten the muscles around the neck when under stress. This class works towards releasing tension in the neck and having correct alignment of the head and neck in a neutral position to gain a sense of stability and lightness as the head balances perfectly on top of the spine. General Yoga
Strong Lower Back Having a strong lower back is essential for all humans, especially in modern times when our lifestyle of much sitting causes our lower back to be weak and tight. This is a Yoga Therapy style class focusing on techniques to relax and then stabilize the lumbar spine. This class is particularly helpful for those with lower back pain or issues. General Yoga
Quadratus Lamborum Class Quadratus Lamborum are muscles on the lower quadrants of your torso and they aid is strength for your lower back and core. We use asana to both stretch out and stabilize these muscles, using slight adjustments to some of our common poses to target this specific region of the body General Yoga



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