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Enjoy 6 Yoga classes designed to bring health and wellbeing to your digestive system through movement, breathing and soothing the nervous system.

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Enjoy 6 Yoga classes designed to bring health and wellbeing to your digestive system through movement, breathing and soothing the nervous system.

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Digestive Delight GENERAL YOGA: Yoga can help boost your digestive health in several ways, such as: i) massages and manipulates the digestive organs for easeful elimination, ii) Decreases the stress response by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous, the state of Rest, Repair and Digest, iii) Provides techniques to increase you digestive fire, iv) Increases your body awareness so that in the future you know what/when/why you eat and can feel the effect of your eating habits.
Immunity and Organ Health GENERAL YOGA: Yoga helps with immunity by dropping us into the parasympathetic nervous system – rest, repair and digest – which is when the immune system works effectively. In this class, we not only keep a calm and steady body and mind, but also, appreciate all of our other organs which work quietly behind the scenes keeping us strong, resilient and calm.
Twists and Turns GENERAL YOGA: Twisting poses are mobilizing for the spine and torso, they aid in massaging the internal organs and therefore help with digestion and they are also considered neutralizing, so that if you feel agitated or stress, twists will calm you down, or when you feel lethargic or heavy, twists will boost your energy. Enjoy this class where we explore the spiraling nature of twisting the body and upward spiral of our personal and spiritual development.
Balanced Breath = Balanced Life BEGINNERS: A powerful technique to quiet the mind and expand your energy is Samavritti Pranayama, where the inhale and exhale are the same length. In this class we work with a count of 4 on both the inhale and exhale whilst we move in a variety of poses, helping us to find balance in our breath, balance in our energy and balance in our life.
Full Yogic Breath Restore Style RESTORE: This class focuses on the 3 regions of the breathing – upper chest, side ribs and abdomen. Once there is awareness and space in these regions we can work with Full Yogic Breath – Deerga Swasam – where the wave-like movement of breathing flows down the body and then up the body. Let this breath soothe and transform you.
Gentle Breath – Still Mind RESTORE: Two qualities we can always work towards is to have a “gentle breath” and a “still mind”. As we flow with graceful movements, Ginny reminds us of these 2 qualities until we begin to feel these are possible. We finish this class with a lovely Yoga Nidra practice containing a waterfall visualization.


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