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Yogic Bandhas

October 15, 2023 @ 7:00 am - 10:00 am

Date: Sunday 15th October, 2023
Time: 7am – 10am
Price: $75

One of the aims of Hatha Yoga is to expand, direct & contain the prana within. This is done through a variety of techniques, particularly, the Bandhas.

Bandhas are energetic locks which can be used in asana, pranayama and meditation.

On a physical level, the bandhas can help with circulation of blood and lymph, control of abdominal muscles, loosen connective tissue, massage internal organs, as well as aid in digestion.

On a mental level, they help with concentration, clarity and discipline.

But really, the bandhas work on an energetic level; they clear and channel the prana, releasing blocks so prana flows freely and leave you feeling revitalized.

This workshop will provide simple, effective, practical and powerful ways to learn the 3 main bandhas: Jalandhara Bandha (chin lock), Uddiyana Bandha (abdominal lock) and Moolabandha (root lock).

You will learn how to do each bandha separately, how to link them with the breath, how they are used in asana and how to do all three locks simultaneously (Maha Bandha & Maha Mudra).

NOTE: Uddiyana Bandha must be done on an empty stomach….that’s why the workshop starts at 7am 🙂


Facilitator: Ginny Clarke is a devoted, senior yoga teacher and yoga therapist and co-owner of Living Peace Yoga. She has been teaching yoga since 2002 and her passion is to help people know their bodies intimately and work towards healing mind, body and spirit through the vast array of techniques and wisdom which yoga offers.


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October 15, 2023
7:00 am - 10:00 am