Hanuman Das (Greg Clarke)Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Owner of Living Peace Yoga

Hanuman Das

(Greg Clarke)

Hanuman Das/Greg Clarke is a respected teacher and author in the field of spiritual living. He has been studying, practicing and living a spiritual life since his early twenties after being introduced to his teacher Ram Dass.

In his early twenties he began to ask if there was something more. This question led him on a search that continues to this day. He has delved into many spiritual traditions, including Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism, and finds their similarities more significant than their differences.

“I believe there are many paths to God and the exploration of all facets of spirituality can open us to our own divinity”.

Hanuman Das teaches meditation and self-inquiry with a focus on integrating our spiritual life with our daily life. He is also a qualified Level 1 Yoga Teacher. He is the author of Omservations – tales of a spiritual traveller and is currently editing his second book Peaceman, which is dedicated to men on the spiritual path. He has been published in Australian Yoga Journal, Australian Yoga Life, Daily OM, Elephant Journal and interviewed on local and national radio in Australia.

He conducts workshops and retreats and has lectured on consciousness and spiritual living at Evolve festivals, Bhakti Bliss, Bodhi Festival. Hanuman Das/Greg is a gifted and entertaining speaker whose parables make learning clear and easy to assimilate into our lives. A qualified Applied Kinesiolgist and massage therapist, Hanuman Das counsels and encourages people to look inwards for the answers to health, happiness and inner harmony.

Hanuman Das is a devotee Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaji), an Indian saint who left his body in 1973. He was led to him by his teacher, Ram Dass whose practical and truthful sharing of his experiences has and still does inspire him.

“Ram Dass has been and still is an inspiration for those looking for liberation”.




Omservations is the collections of observations, tales and practices of Hanuman Das/Greg Clarke, a spiritual teacher, yogi, husband, writer and general aficionado of life. The book is thoughtfully written with personal touch and loving dedication, and the chapters come together with an embrace of Eastern philosophy, global theology and the experience of modern life.