The Untouched Buffet

The Untouched BuffetThe automatic door opens and smells surge into your nose. Your stride lengthens and quickens as the buffet’s magnetic pull draws you in. You are awestruck at the bevy of possibility in front of you, but you are frozen in inaction. Unable to move in and sample the sensual delights that sit less than a metre away. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it, to have so many choices and possibilities and yet not to partake?

This same scenario happens in our lives. We can see all the possibilities in front of us. Things we could do, should do, but we actually do none of them. Trapped in procrastination, powerless to move, we continually survey, contemplate, however, realisation is untouched.

Sometimes we just need to start something, do it for a time and if it is not the best thing for us, if it is not harmonious with our morals, our life’s purpose, then gracefully halt the action and listen intuitively for what is next. No judgement or saying “I was wrong, this was not it, and was a waste of time”. Just put it down and pick up the thing you believe in your heart will aid your physical, energetic and mental life.

Inaction may be the lower minds trump card. Leaving us standing on the edge of life, rather than swimming in the deep end of life where we yearn to be. Inaction causes us to drift aimlessly, being pushed and pulled by the external tides of life. We feel we have no control, purposeless, unfulfilled, yet all the possibilities are within reach. Staring longingly at the buffet of possibility will not bring us the experience. Telling people about the buffet also won’t assist realisation. We have to step forth, plunge our hand in and fill the plate of our purpose with something and eat it/do it. If we find out this was not it, get something else until you find the thing that stokes the fire of your life.

The lower mind/ego is content to have us linger at the buffet without engagement. The lower mind senses that the buffet could interrupt the status quo, it could change things. This fear of the unknown sidelines the spiritual aspirant from playing and enjoying the game of life. We sit on the sidelines watching everyone else get it right, get it wrong, whilst we sit there on the bench unsatisfied.

The lower mind’s fear is that we may decrease pleasure, real or perceived, or increase pain, real or perceived. This creates a vacuum from which indecisiveness is spat out. If I do this pain may occur, short term or long term. If I do that, pleasure may vanish. So we do nothing, causing fulfilment, a sense of harmony with life, to be missing in inaction. Taking the leap into what we erroneously believe is the unknown is the way to re-engage with your life. It is not a huge decision; it is simply a decision, one whose time has come.

Sit down and really listen, deeply listen to what your intuition is offering for your evolution. Then begin, take the first step. Ask someone who is walking the path you would like to walk and say how, what’s first? Go online, go to the library, just move purposefully in the direction of your hearts yearning. Set a timeline, make yourself accountable for your own happiness, your own peace. Let the higher mind, your wisdom, takeover and know that the joy you will reap by conscious truthful action is far more than any physical pleasure you could get by sitting on the lounge and eating cookies. Know that the pain that may or may not occur will be insignificant compared to the despair you are feeling due to inaction and disengagement in life.

If it is true that it is better to have love and lost than to have never loved at all, then it is also true it is better to act and engage in life fully, undeterred by possible outcomes, than to sit on your butt and let this precious human birth go by without giving it all your heart, all your mind, all your strength and all your soul.

Love & Strength

Hanuman Das/Greg

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