Gitaji Vicki LaverickYoga Teacher

    Vicki Laverick

    A 2016 graduate of the Living Peace Yoga Teacher Training, Vicki (aka Gitaji) is a registered Level 1 Yoga Teacher and a Level 10 lover of yoga!! Vicki has been studying, learning and practicing meditation for over 10 years.

    Vicki’s focus is living a yogic lifestyle using the practices and techniques of mindfulness, loving awareness and meditation.

    Her teaching style is a joyful mix of gentle movement, creativity and stillness.

    Vicki completely embraces the whole of the yogic philosophy and practices; studying with Hanuman Das/Greg at Living Peace Yoga a variety of philosophical and spiritual texts, as well as meditation and yogic breathing techniques.
    “Yoga is a soulful practice that can help us be more open and aware; then balance, harmony and clarity can begin.”