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Yoga, Meditation and Philosophy Classes at Home.

Join the Living Peace Yoga team for unlimited yoga, meditation and philosophy classes online in the comfort of your home.

For just $80 per month, or $20 for 1 week, you will have access every week to LIVE yoga,  meditation and philosophy classes. Watching online is easy! We will send you a link to the meeting, which uses the “Zoom” app. When you click the link, you install Zoom and then join the meeting with the Meeting ID and Password provided.

The online classes are also recorded and you have access to re-watch the videos at any time that is convenient to you. You can choose your class and time and place and enjoy yoga with your favourite teachers whenever you want.

Online Class Timetable 

The classes with the camera icon are available for online students.

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Class Descriptions:


This class is suitable for beginners and all students who enjoy a slower paced class.

This class explores the common and foundational poses of yoga, to help students understand how to achieve these poses safely and successfully in their practice. Most classes include some gentle movement linked with breath, some static poses to help you explore alignment in your body, as well as a deep relaxation to finish the class and integrate what you learnt and experienced. Expect to move and feel your body, quiet your mind and feel refreshed and energised afterwards.

General Yoga

This class is suitable for beginners to experienced students, as the teachers will provide variations and modifications to suit all student needs.

This is a moderately paced class including a mixture of dynamic flowing postures, static poses, strength building, mobility and flexibility. Breath is an important aspect of this class and is included during the postures and often during meditation. Expect to expand your awareness during this class, and understand your body, breath, mind and spirit in an intimate and practical way.


This class is suitable for beginners to experienced students, as well as those with injuries, lack of mobility and pregnant women.

Restore classes are slow in pace and include some gentle movement to release tension and unconscious holding patterns in the body. Yoga props are used in restorative postures to help support the body and give you the chance to fully unwind and heal. Breathing is often used as a way to focus the mind, re-energise the body and truly allow you to rest, relax and be restored.

Vinyasa Flow

This class is suitable for students with yoga experience or those who are fit and healthy.

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic class which builds strength, enhances mobility, aids concentration and channels energy/prana. We will flow through variations of Salute to the Sun which will be seamlessly linked with other postures, almost like a yogic-dance. Time for simple inversions will be provided too.  Enjoy a workout for body and a “work-in” for the breath, mind and spirit.


During this meditation class, a variety of techniques are shared to train us in the art of focusing our mind. Once the mind is still and quiet, we have the opportunity to see clearly, free from judgement, and to live more fully in the present moment. Most participants sit in a chair, as a comfortable body is important so that the mind isn’t distracted. Bolsters and mats are available too, if you prefer sitting on the floor. Click here for more information about the style of meditation we share and a FREE meditation you can download.

Heart-Mind Talks & Q&A

Join Hanuman Das (Greg Clarke) for a discussion on yogic philosophy, which is crucial to help us understand and process the ups and downs in life. He will share a particular concept and there will be time for Q&A at the end of the session.