Simone SmithYoga Teacher

    Simone Smith

    I’m not sure how or when I discovered yoga or if by chance it, in fact, discovered me, but what I do know is, that it’s changed my life in so many ways. It truly has had such a positive impact on my mind, body and soul.

    Through my regular practice (since 2012) and by allowing myself the time I deserve for self-care, I gained awareness and control and thus the ability to heal my body, that I previously lacked. However, it was the changes to my mind, with the benefits of clarity, focus and calmness that has got me hooked and on my way to teacher training at Living Peace Yoga, Toronto.

    The process, like for all certified yoga teachers, has no end part as the personal growth is the purpose of the study.

    I am a devoted wife, mother and grandmother who has had her own personal struggles with obesity, mental health plus an array of health issues, but I can honestly say – hand on heart – yoga has given me a new vigour and lease on life.

    Peace begins with a smile.