Yoga Therapy with Ginny

Traditionally, yoga was a one-on-one practice between a student and a teacher. This allowed the teacher to become intimate with a student’s strengths and weaknesses, needs and requirements. This in-depth and personal relationship cultivates an environment where healing can occur.

The wisdom inherent in Yoga Therapy is in its practicality, individuality and increased awareness.

  1. It is practical because it is something you can do every day, and it can be incorporated into your home, business and recreational life.
  2. It is individual as you will be provided with a sequence, suited to your specific needs.
  3. And heightened awareness develops a deeper understanding of all facets of your life, which in turn, reconnects you with your innate wisdom and your ability to heal.

The techniques used may include simple and effective yoga postures, breathing, mantra, relaxation, meditation, lifestyle analysis and spiritual and self-development counselling.

Initial consultation is 75 minutes and cost $100. Follow up consultations are $80.
Ginny is available for consultations on Mon – Fri between 11am – 5pm.