General Yoga

This class is suitable for students who have some yoga experience or those who are relatively fit and healthy. Variations and options are provided for the different body types and abilities.
This is a moderately paced class including a mixture of dynamic flowing postures, static poses, strength building, mobility and flexibility. Breath is an important aspect of this class and is included during the postures and often during meditation. Expect to expand your awareness during this class, and understand your body, breath, mind and spirit in an intimate and practical way.

Class Times and Teachers:

Mon 6:00am: Hanuman Das/Greg Clarke
Mon 9:00am: Ginny Clarke
Mon 5:15pm: Ginny Clarke
Tues 6:00am: Ginny Clarke
Thurs 6:00am: Ginny Clarke
Thurs 5:15pm: Hanuman Das/Greg Clarke
Fri 9:00am: Ginny Clarke
Sat 9:00am: Ginny Clarke
Upcoming Events
Sat 11

Swaha – Sacred Songs @Toronto

July 11 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Sat 18
Fri 31

Meditation Teacher Training

July 31 @ 1:00 pm - August 2 @ 4:00 pm