200 Hour Teacher Training

Port Macquarie 2021

NOTE: A minimum number of students is required for this course to go ahead.

Please contact us ASAP if you are interested.

Registrations close on April 26th.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Individuals interested in becoming certified Yoga Teachers.
  • Individuals who would like to explore and experience yoga at a deeper level for their personal use.
  • Yoga Teachers who wish to enhance their awareness and experience of yoga. Ginny and Greg have extensive knowledge and may share yoga in a new and fresh way you haven’t felt before, which will benefit both yourself and your students.

Our Approach

Living Peace teacher training offers practical and grounded teaching in how to share and instruct yogic techniques and philosophy. We believe that the best teachers embody yoga in their day to day life, therefore, our course is designed to help you dive deep into all facets of yoga so that the teachings become a part of your life. The course framework and length allow you to ingest and digest the full yogic experience.

The overall curriculum is drawn from the sacred traditions of Raja Yoga and Vedanta. The yoga asana component is based upon Hatha Yoga, whereby we provide you with a large database of poses which you can choose from, including vinyasa and a breath centric approach. We share many variations of the poses since modifications are required to teach the vast array of bodies who attend a yoga class. Our yoga is not associated with any particular yoga style or lineage (even though we have been trained in Krishnamacharya, Kundalini and Hatha Yoga). Instead it encompasses freedom for you to find “your voice” as a teacher and a yogi. We also ensure that traditional yoga is merged with the contemporary teachings of anatomy and physiology, so that students learn how to move in an effective and functional way, to help them in their daily life.

Course Outcomes

  • Qualified yoga teacher, with skills to teach a range of yogic techniques to groups and individuals.
  • Eligibility for membership with the Yoga Australia (200-hour course = Provisional Member, 350-hour course = Level 1 Member). Note, since Yoga Australia’s requirements for teacher training are more extensive than Yoga Alliance, if you complete a training with Yoga Australia, you can automatically register with Yoga Alliance too.
  • Qualifications to be eligible for professional indemnity insurance.
  • Development of your individual yoga practice.
  • Embody the yogic lifestyle.
  • The foundation for on-going yoga studies.

Course Syllabus

  • Yoga Asana (Hatha Vinyasa style)
  • How to Teach a Yoga Class
  • How to Sequence Safely and Effectively
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • The Subtle Systems of the Body – Yogic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Yogic History and Philosophy
  • Pranayama and Meditation
  • Yoga Teacher Ethics and Life Skills

Course Dates

We are offering a 200-hour training, which is delivered over 5 x 4-day weekends on these dates:

May 14-17
June 25-28
July 30 – Aug 2
Sept 17-20
Oct 22 – 25

Course Location

F.U.N. Yoga
21 Redbank Rd, Wauchope.


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To book in or for more inquires….

Please contact Greg or Ginny Clarke on 0410 553 610 or info@livingpeaceyoga.com

“To anyone considering the 2020 Teacher Training with Ginny & Greg Clarke, I say just do it!  The knowledge that you will gain from this learned, passionate and professional couple is incredible. Even if you have no inclination to teach, what you will learn will be of value to you for life. Ginny and Greg go above and beyond “Teacher Training” and put their heart and soul into the program. Plus they are a lot of fun.”

Living Peace Graduate 2019, Sharon Ferris


“At our yoga studio in Warner’s Bay, my favourite teachers have all been trained by Ginny and Greg at Living Peace Yoga.

Living Peace Graduate 2019, Kylie Geres


This course is certified by Yoga Australia.



Ginny Clarke has been teaching yoga since 2003 and is a senior teacher registered with Yoga Australia. She has a passion for all facets of yoga and has completed 2 yoga teacher trainings, yoga therapy training and continues to study and learn with teachers she resonates with. She is a Yoga Therapist after studying with Ganesh Mohan and has a passion for both anatomical knowledge, functional movement, energetic expansion and spiritual upliftment. Ginny leads regular workshops and retreats and has taught at festivals around Australia. Her depth of yogic wisdom is broad, and her experience of yoga is ingrained in her daily life. Her aim is to train yoga teachers to understand the vastness yoga, the life-changing ability of yoga, as well as mentor teachers to find their unique and authentic voice as a teacher. Ginny will lead the asana, anatomy and teacher ethics in this course.

Greg Clarke /Hanuman Das is a respected teacher and author in the field of spiritual living. He has been studying, practising and living a spiritual life since his early twenties after being introduced to his teacher Ram Dass. He shares techniques in the areas of meditation, self-enquiry and inner strength with the objective of integrating spiritual life with daily life. He conducts workshops and retreats and has lectured on consciousness and spiritual living at yoga and spirit-based festivals across Australia. Hanuman Das is a gifted and entertaining speaker and author whose parables make learning joyous, clear and easy to incorporate into daily life. Greg will be leading the yogic history, yoga philosophy, meditation and pranayama aspects of this course.To anyone considering the 2020 Teacher Training with Ginny & Greg Clarke, I say just do it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a certain level of experience/fitness required?

The main requirement is a passion for yoga. It is desirable that you have been practicing some sort of yoga over a period of time (e.g. any form of yoga asana or meditation or philosophical studies). We believe that yoga is for every “body” and so a particular level of fitness is not required.

Will daily practice be a requirement? If so, how much time per day?

If you want to be a yoga teacher, then a daily yoga practice is “highly recommended” (but we won’t be monitoring you!) . You reap the rewards of yoga in your daily life when you have a consistent, regular and whole-hearted practice, whether that is 5 minutes or 2 hours per day – it all depends on your other life commitments. We can help you find the right practice for you.

What is the qualification after the training?

Students will become a qualified yoga teacher at the end of the training. They will be eligible for membership with the Yoga Australia as well as for professional indemnity insurance.

What if I can’t do a headstand or hold a pose for 5 mins? I’m nervous about my physical capabilities! Can I still complete training?

As mentioned above, yoga is for every ‘body’! There are many people in this world who should never even try a headstand and it is not expected that you can do all yoga poses.  Every pose has many different variations and these will be shared during the training to ensure you understand how to tailor yoga to suit the individual.

This training will help you discover the yoga that works best for you – the yoga you are passionate about. Whether you want to teach a power vinyasa class, or a chair yoga class for seniors, or be able to teach meditation and philosophy, this training will guide you to understand all facets of yoga and then you can decide that path that’s right for you.

Is there written/reading homework/assignments and how much time per week would be involved?

On average, expect 1 to 2 hours homework per week. Some weeks you might need to watch a video for anatomy, or read a chapter from one of the texts, or prepare to teach a few poses or write in a pranayama/meditation journal. Then there is the final written and practical assessment.  See the Assessment Criteria in the Prospectus for all details about homework.

What if I can’t attend some of the training?

Ideally, attending all of the training is recommended, but since this training is extended from 6 – 9 months, we understand there may be the occasion when you can’t attend a day or some of the day’s training due to a prior engagement or illness. We can video record the sessions that you miss, and you can watch them at a later stage. Ginny or Greg can also schedule time reviewing what you might have missed and any questions you might have.

How do I know this training is right for me?

Embarking on a yoga teacher training is a big step, however, it is one you will not regret, especially if you find a studio where yoga is ingrained in the teachers and the students. Firstly, come along and meet Ginny and Greg, perhaps try a class and ensure that their style and energy resonates with you.

It is also useful to ask yourself these questions. Are you:

  • Passionate about yoga?
  • Ready for transformation and growth?
  • Inspired to pass on the yogic wisdom to others?
  • Wanting to understand the full range and depths of yoga, and not just the postures?
  • Ready to dedicate time and energy to your own personal development?
  • Wanting to find and use the yogic skills to reveal more peace and understanding in your life?

The Living Peace Yoga Team truly value you as a student and we nurture and support you throughout your journey to becoming an inspiring yoga teacher and yogi.